Explore Mt wilhelm and the papua new guinea highlands

Guided Tours 

Climbing Mount Wilhelm

Hiking the highest peak in Papua New Guinea can be difficult or not so difficult depending on each individuals experience and basic fitness levels. Altitude can take its effect sometimes and the weather is also another factor to take into consideration when climbing. Betty has been in the business for 20 years and is a wealth of knowledge on what is needed. Guides are a requirement and our policy is to have one guide to one hiker. Porters are also available to carry packs, food, equipment etc. to the lakes (base camp). There are sleeping bags, walking sticks and other such equipment available to hire for those that are not quite prepared. Wet weather gear, torches, good boots and warm clothes will all be needed. There are two huts at base camp that can be booked through Betty. They sit at the edge of the lakes and give a unique setting to relax if not climbing to the summit. The summit ascent usually starts at around 1am, this is so that the sunrise can be caught. Stunning sights and always a sense of achievement for anyone who conquers it.


Bird Watching

Bird watching in PNG is an experience no bird watcher wants to miss. Able to be done on various sites within the Highlands, you’ll get the chance to witness a selection of native birds, as well as birds of paradise. Contact Betty to arrange an epic journey to see some of the most beautiful birds that the highlands of PNG hosts. From those of the wild to the ones that have learnt to exist with human interaction.

bird watching


Papua New Guinea boasts some of the most beautiful orchid species in the world. For a chance to see some of these beautiful high altitude gems. Enquire about the orchid tours that can be organized in and around the Highlands of PNG. Both Betty and Peter, are keen orchid enthusiasts. Peter is an expert on them is available to discuss the orchid’s conditions that they need to grow in, as well as talk about their species and what they are related too. Tours are done in many areas of the Highlands and provide you with the opportunity to see some of rarest orchids surviving at high altitudes.


Mt Wilhelm – Madang Walk

The walk from Mt Wilhelm to Madang is also available for the keen trekker/hiker. It is a three day walk from Betty’s Lodge at the base of Mt Wilhelm which is roughly 3000 meters above sea level all the way down to the Ramu River plains. It is a beautiful trek which takes you through spectacular scenery and gives you firsthand experience of the way of life in these remote parts. There are camping sites and local accommodation available along the way but good preparation is essential. Betty can organize your porters and guides for this walk along with additional activities such as bird watching and cultural displays.


Local or Day Activities and Trips Around Betty's Place

At Betty’s Place, you are welcome to walk around the surrounding villages to meet the local people and discover what their lives are like. The most popular day in the village is Sundays when everyone dresses in their Sunday best for church. There is often a local game of rugby league that can be watched and the players are all keen to show off their talent. There are markets where the local villagers sell fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other goods. Betty can also arrange cultural performances for your entertainment and taking part is always an enjoyable experience for both the visitor and the performer.

local place Activities

Mount Hagen and Goroka Cultural Shows

The Annual Mt Hagen (August) and Goroka Shows (September) are a spectacular sight to see and should not be missed if in PNG at the time. Tickets run out very quickly and it is always best to book well in advance. Betty can arrange tickets, accommodation, transport and guides in and around Mt Hagen or Goroka during the show period but again it is essential to book well in advance.


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